Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The Troll Cavern

Harrison McQueen is the man behind this wonderful new blog.
It some ways it sparks a similarity to my own, predominantly Lord of the Rings but with smattering a of other areas.
I am sure this will develop and I look to many ventures with Harrison.
For now though, he gave me the honour of being interviewed about, as you would perhaps expect, my three trolls diorama.
Please read and enjoy and bookmark this blog to your reading list.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Smaug - Head and Neck Finished

I am just about hoping this section is finished. I have taken a slightly different slant at this by glazing over the hard scales and spines with a green. I am pleased with the way it looks and hope that the client agrees.
There is possibly more highlight work to do but my plan is to finish each section, assemble it and then see what attention is required.

Next up is the body, now that thing is ridiculously large...

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Smaug - Skin Work

So after what seems an eternity of day to day life I am starting to get some colour into the skin.
The airbrush has gone away and the brushes are out.

It is slowly taking shape but I think I need tops the contrast a little more, it hasn't the depth I want just yet, but at least it is taking shape.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Speed Painting the Elven Way

My latest commission. The client needed these very quick so I have seven evenings, with a couple a days thrown in to get this lot done.
40 Mirkwood Rangers and an armoured Captain.

After an evening and a half I had then all assembled and primed, now just to paint them.
I decided to go about these in batches of 10, usually thats was too big but somehow it just seemed right, don't ask me how.

And thankfully I got them all done in time.
I had to cut down the quality, no time for eyes and some of the highlighting / shading I would usually put in.
I did opt to use Army Painter Quickshade to dip all the figures. The first reason being it gave them a bit of definition and the second it was a good varnish for them to stand up to the gaming.

I had time to give the Captain a little more, he got eyes and some shading and highlighting as there should always have a little more.

And there we have it, a very quick job accompanied by some quick photos.
The client is happy with the results and so am I for such a quick turnaround.