Thursday, 2 July 2015

Glottkin - Part 1

Now my EFGT is out of the way it is time to work on my Glottkin.
I assembled this an age ago and it has been sat staring at me as I work on other stuff, but not any more.
I have tried some new things for me.
The first is a zenithal black and white priming technique.
First I airbrushed black and then directly from above with white.
The idea here is that black primer makes a colour darker while a white primer makes it brighter so it should extenuate the light and shadow effect.

Next up was to hit it with Scale75 Toxic Waste, still mainly working from above.

Now for something new
Warcolours Purple 5. 
A brand new paint range that I will be reviewing on here soon

So far, so good.
This will be a very long project as this beast has so much detail in it.
I also want to push myself to a new level so for that reason alone I want to take my time.
I do envisage doing some other figures along the way, just to paint something different and keep my motivation high.

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