Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Glottkin Part 11

Firstly, mt apologies for not updating in so long. Life has bean very busy and I have simply not put the time down to get some updating done.
Those who follow me on Facebook will know the updates as it is quicker for me to do them on there.

That aside I wanted to show where I am with Glottkin.
All the horns are done around the head and i am now working the lower sections.
My aim at this point is to work the global lighting.
i have a zenithal light source which picks out the head but as we lead down the the light will be less intense, the painting need to express that contrast.

You can see on the images below the horns and the belly area, the latter being more desaturated in colour to create the lighting I am referring to.


  1. Awesome work, great color palette. I really like the contrast, you're going to really excellent result. Very Cool. Cheers Borek

  2. Might not be keen on the subject but that is some damn fine painting, looking good.