Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Glottkin Part 11

Firstly, mt apologies for not updating in so long. Life has bean very busy and I have simply not put the time down to get some updating done.
Those who follow me on Facebook will know the updates as it is quicker for me to do them on there.

That aside I wanted to show where I am with Glottkin.
All the horns are done around the head and i am now working the lower sections.
My aim at this point is to work the global lighting.
i have a zenithal light source which picks out the head but as we lead down the the light will be less intense, the painting need to express that contrast.

You can see on the images below the horns and the belly area, the latter being more desaturated in colour to create the lighting I am referring to.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

End of Commission Service

I have finally come to the decision to end the majority of my commission work. As much as I have enjoyed doing it, the figures I've worked in and the great people I have met I have found there has been a downside.
I simply am not pushing my abilities.
That is in no way being rude to people but I want to push my display work to new levels.
To date I have had one fantastic course with Meg Maples and I have more lined up with Marc Masclans, Banshee and Raffa.
These people are incredibly talented and they will help me develop my skills.
I have a couple of jobs I am clearing up, that may take a month or so and then my next piece will be Glottkin.
This bad boy I intend to compete with at Salute 2017.
I have no more hopes than finishing and using it as a benchmark for future work - how will mine compare to others ?
But that is down the line, for now I thank everybody that has put the trust in me to complete work for them and I truly hope you were satisfied with the service I provided.
Here's to a steep learning curve.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Warhammer Predators

A first for me and something I have itching to do, some tanks.
Worked to a table top standard, the client specified a nurgle theme with some weathering and battle damage.
I attacked with drills, knives, files to make them look ' used ' and set the green nurgle look.
It was my first use of Modulates Rust pigment.
I found this a fantastic product, painted on like regular paint and dried to look incredibly rust like.
In all I was pleased with the result and would look forward to doing some more.
My research into weathering led me to a few interesting discoveries that I would like to use on higher standard finishes.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Azog Display

Here is my latest finished piece, an Azog conversion done by Dave Fredericks of Shadow and Flame fame.
I mainly have to thank my client who gave me free reign to tackle this as I wished.
That being I wanted to set a cold look to the piece, both in his skin and the base.
I cast the base from resin and painted the underside to give the ice look, a little baking powder and gloss mix for the top and the look is complete.
I hope you enjoy.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Theodred Diorama

A little display piece finished.
This depicts Theodred in his final ill fated charge against Saruman's Uruk Hai.
This is the clients favourite scene from the films.
It was my chance to use resin for the first time to depict the river. 
Overall I am pleased with how this has turned out in a relatively short time frame due to competing work loads.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Catching Up

Life continues to be as busy as ever and I have not had the chance to update much in a while.
 I have been working on one big order which takes the form of various figures from LOTR done to a table top standard.
Bear with me on the photos as I simply have not had the time to take better ones.

More to follow very soon, thanks for looking.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

How to do a Quick Shield

Now this may not be everybody's thing but I did a very quick shield for a 28mm Uruk Hai. It helps with my commission work for table top standard to do things well, but have quicker methods.
All in all this took me 1.5 minutes to do and I think the effect works - well for me anyway.

So to start
Black primer
Now literally liberal coats, not concerned if you exactly cover everything as showing the lower levels helps the beaten up effect.
VMC Tinny Tin
Scale 75 Heavy Metal

Now stipple pure VGC Beasty Brown - the pure paint creates texture.

And that's it - heres the look