Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Just a brief update. I have started putting my Glottkin together and boy is this a beast. So far I've spent 4 hours cleaning parts up and gluing them in lace and I still haven't finished !
The joins don't need as much work as other figures I've put together but the downside is there are loads to fill, sand and smooth out.
That being said, I've realised this will be a long term project.
Looking at my selection of primed minis I think I seriously need to reduce the backlog.
So I think it will be back to my Escape from Goblin Town set and try to get some paint down. 
I have about 25 of these to do plus a base by the end of July.
I just hope I can get cracking.
The quality of each paint job is likely to be reduced in order to get them done.
Here's to more busy times.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Elf Command Finished

I have this to a point where I am calling it complete. I have learnt a lot from this, the NMM has worked well, though I need to try this on a bigger figure.
The base was something different for me and thanks to some feedback I have tweeted it here and there to add more realism. 
This was little things like applying pigments under the bushes and grasses so they fit into the base better and lightly highlighting the bushes and grasses so their colour is not so uniform.

Thanks for looking and a special thank to all those who have helped with advice and a certain little bunch of flowers.

Friday, 24 April 2015

NMM Command - Base

With the figures finished I have turned my attention to the base.
The main body was made from insulation foam set on a MDF plinth with a plasticard rear to square it off.
I worked in some stones, slate, cork plaster rock sections to set different looks for the stones.
Some milliput was used to cover the top section, setting a slope between the two levels.
A covering of two different sands and some scatter set the coverage for the base.
Then adding a couple of real roots for, well roots.
Everything was not base coated a mid brown.

I now went about throwing different colours here and there until I was happy.
Now some pigments were added.
I mixed some Vallejo Matt Medium with some fine turf and applied here and there to resemble moss.
Now I gathered a selection of grass clumps, flowers and bushes to finish the look.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

NMM Gold

I would like to take credit for this but this was created by he who is the NMM god to all painters, Tommie Soule of Golem Miniature Painting.
I saw a rough Step by Step which i have worked through and here I want to share how I work through it with my own colour choices. I have added a little extra to the original.

The Colours required are as follows
Games Workshop Snakebite Leather
Games Workshop Dark Flesh
Vallego Model Colour Ivory
Vallego Mode Colour Black
Games Workshop Liche Purple

Here is the palette

All the paints have been thinned to varying thicknesses and to assist with glazing I have used Vallejo Glaze Medium

First thing first I have applied a solid coat of GW Snakebite Leather. You see about three coats here to give that look.
Never do a basecoat in one coat - NEVER. Thin you paints.
We need to discuss the colour choice here. Snakebite Leather is essentially a yellow based brown - that is integral to the final look.
This is an old paint as with the other GW paints listed. 
Here I have applied the base in three coats to get a nice smooth solid colour.
Having set the base we now start to work the highlights
Mix 60% Snakebite Leather with 40% Ivory to make a just translucent and apply this as a highlight to about 30% of the surface area.

Now mix 40% Snakebite Leather to 60% Ivory, again just translucent and apply this over a smaller area of the highlight, about 15% of the surface area and inside the extremities of the first highlight.
Can you see how this is starting to change ?

Now lets start the first sense of shading.
In the extremities apply some Dark Flesh.
No need to work any blend as we are setting a base for further blends.

With this down now apply pure Ivory to the centre of the highlighted area.
Have it thinned and apply in 2-3 coats.

More shading now.
Create a glaze of Dark Flesh and apply this to start to push the shading. You will see the Ivory start to stand put a little more, we want this and we will work to push this.

Add a tip of Black to the Dark Flesh and work this into the extremities. we are pushing the shading further and as these are glazes we can work the blend between the colours.

With that done we now mix up a thin glaze of Snakebite Leather.
Remember this is a glaze not a wash.
Now glaze over the area in all but the extremities as that area we want to keep dark.
The glaze will be applied in the number of cats you see fit and also as to how thin you have made up the glaze. Don't have it too thick, it will ruin everything.

You can now see the blends working together nicely, a smooth transition between colours but we need more contrast.
First thing is to re apply your pure Ivory in a small dot

We re apply the Dark Flesh and Black in the darkest areas. This being the extremities and also the underside edge of each feather

And a final glaze of Liche Purple in the darkest areas finishes the work.

Following application of the base coat, it is a good idea to mix up all your paints first before starting. This way you can work your blends backwards and forwards until smooth.
As you get more used to the technique you will find you are getting better with your applications.

And finally
Here is the finished figure.

Thanks for looking and I hope you find this useful.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Elf Command - Captain Complete

I have worked the contrast a little more across the figure by apply some purple glazes and i am feeling happier.
A few little notches in the sword just created a better feel.

All being well I will call this one finished and start on the second figure, the banner bearer.
My idea for the base is pretty much set, that is for later.
I am also working on a gold NMM tutorial while competing the banner bearer.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Elf Command Update

Here's were I am with this. 
The gold NMM has been done to about a level I think I am happy at. It took a lot of work with the blending to get it all looking smooth. Lots of backwards and forwards working and re-working areas but it looks done.
The sword has been another issue.
This was about my fourth attempt and I still aren't completely happy.
I think it needs some more highlight spots which I will have a think about.
Likewise with the face, just a few more glazes to bring out the contrast.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Elf Command WIP

I was going to start my Glottkin but instead I'm taking the opportunity to paint these two fellas for The One Ring April Challenge.

The banner bearer is one I bought from eBay a long time ago and I've never got round to stripping the paint off him
I will prep them both up this weekend hopefully at get started on the painting.
I will be looking to push my NMM on these.
I am also toying in my mind with a different base. I will see how my mind takes me but with any luck it will pay off.

And here it is so far. I have done the bottom half armour and skirt. I am feeling a lot happier with how this is looking and will look to continue this on the rest of the armour.