Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Elf Command Update

Here's were I am with this. 
The gold NMM has been done to about a level I think I am happy at. It took a lot of work with the blending to get it all looking smooth. Lots of backwards and forwards working and re-working areas but it looks done.
The sword has been another issue.
This was about my fourth attempt and I still aren't completely happy.
I think it needs some more highlight spots which I will have a think about.
Likewise with the face, just a few more glazes to bring out the contrast.


  1. Joe, tried to update a reply in the circle section but can't
    I used the old GW paints. I'm about to start a second elf so think I wiill do a tutorial

  2. Amazing Mally!
    In my opinion the NMM's technique looks a lot better than the general metallics, and it's always a pleasure to see such fantastic work :)
    About the sword, I understand your thoughts, though it looks pretty great.

    Great job mate :)