Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Just a brief update. I have started putting my Glottkin together and boy is this a beast. So far I've spent 4 hours cleaning parts up and gluing them in lace and I still haven't finished !
The joins don't need as much work as other figures I've put together but the downside is there are loads to fill, sand and smooth out.
That being said, I've realised this will be a long term project.
Looking at my selection of primed minis I think I seriously need to reduce the backlog.
So I think it will be back to my Escape from Goblin Town set and try to get some paint down. 
I have about 25 of these to do plus a base by the end of July.
I just hope I can get cracking.
The quality of each paint job is likely to be reduced in order to get them done.
Here's to more busy times.

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