Friday, 24 April 2015

NMM Command - Base

With the figures finished I have turned my attention to the base.
The main body was made from insulation foam set on a MDF plinth with a plasticard rear to square it off.
I worked in some stones, slate, cork plaster rock sections to set different looks for the stones.
Some milliput was used to cover the top section, setting a slope between the two levels.
A covering of two different sands and some scatter set the coverage for the base.
Then adding a couple of real roots for, well roots.
Everything was not base coated a mid brown.

I now went about throwing different colours here and there until I was happy.
Now some pigments were added.
I mixed some Vallejo Matt Medium with some fine turf and applied here and there to resemble moss.
Now I gathered a selection of grass clumps, flowers and bushes to finish the look.


  1. That looks like a really good base! I would love to see some wip shots. Great variation of colours and textures.

  2. Sorry mate, no WIP shots. Something I should have done but will look to do on my next project.