Monday, 29 December 2014

Review - Scale 75 Unnatural Flesh

Scale 75 are a Spanish Company, producing high quality paints that you can buy in sets or the full range in a mega set deal.
Below is the second set I have bought, after the black and white paint set which left me so impressed I had to buy more of them.
So here is the Unnatural Flesh set which I bought for my EFGT Goblins.
You get a range of 8 paints that have been carefully created to match the required palette. Each bottom is the traditional dropper dispenser that fellow country product Vallejo use.
The first thing to note is the dropper is sealed, you need either a needle or in my case, the end of a small round file to puncture the seal.
I noted that the paints were separated from the water and here was the first notable difference to Vallejo. The paints mixed after a 5 second shake, not the 30 seconds required with Vallejo.
On dispensing the paint I noted it was perfectly consistent throughout.
 These colours at first glance may seem extreme but I found them to be perfect for the job in hand. The colours are also somewhat unique which is another advantage in creating a unique look.
All going well so far and then there is another thing in the packaging.
 A painting guide !
What you see above is two clear articles to use the paints to create different looks, each article in four languages and are accompanied by a series of photos to hel[ you along the way.
 So now to the painting. The paints look so enticing you could be tempted to use them neat. I managed to avoid that and thinned them to roughly one part paint one part water. Application was perfect, two coats doing the trick to leave a consistent base coat to work from. The system here is to set a good mid / highlight tome all over then add the shading.
 Now the first areas of shading are applied using some fantastically named pots. This first shade is Undead Flesh.
Now some Hellbound Flesh mixed with Misfits Green
 And so on through the shades before adding a couple of layers of highlight at the extremeties.

 I should also add that these paints mix perfectly with each other allowing you to create your own 
 And finally
 Here is the finished piece completed in a couple of solid hours painting. I did the scheme as a test to see what I thought and I am delighted with the look. The photos make this figure look slightly bluer than reality. My achilles heel is photography but I will improve (He says hopefully)
So the final thought. Excellent paints, in fact I find these the best I have and have to stop myself getting the rest of them. 
I have ordered their pigments and shall conduct a review of those once I have tried them.


  1. Excellent thanks Mally, where did you buy them from?

  2. Get mine here, free delivery in UK