Friday, 2 January 2015


This is a quick snippet on a future project I will be working on. Gokan by the excellent sculptor Olivier Bouchet. His blog is well worth a visit.
I will be working on this as part of a Cool Mini or Not competition.
It is actually a bit of a landmark for me, my first non LotR figure.
Back to the figure you can see how it was packaged in a protective plastic case. When I opened the air tight bag I could smell the release agent, it was that fresh.
 Three parts complete the sculpt. I can honestly say I have not found a single flaw in the cast, very high quality 54mm figure. I paid 28 euros for this and that included delivery.
Very well worth it and I can't wait to get cracking on it.
I cannot recommend Olivier enough. His work is first rate and his contact throughout the order has been attentive.

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  1. just looked at the O.B. website, very impressive sculptor indeed, thats a good find. Gokan looks very impressive, i look forward to seeing painting progress on this. Should be a good challenge on a bigger scale and all that flesh