Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Coming Soon

It has been a bit busy at home just lately and you will have to forgive me while I get caught up,on life stuff.
On the modelling side I am having a new workstation built which I cannot wait until it's done. This will be my first ever purpose built area.
 On the blog side I have some great products that are desperate for reviewing. I've started work on my Army Painter products and I also have some new Da Vinci brushes - I've never seen anything like these, but I will leave that for the review. 
Some time away is the order of the coming weekend so I doubt there will be much for a week or so, presuming I do not get anything posted before I go. I may get chance to update on Army Painter Quickshade, with any luck.
Here's to busy times ahead and thanks to all those who have been tuning in.

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