Friday, 6 February 2015

CMON Annual 2014

I am delighted to say that my Bag End diorama has been selected as an entry for the Cool Mini or Not Annual 2014.
This is regarded as a whose who in the painting world and to qualify you have to have an entry with an average rating of over 8. Not an easy task to be honest as this is my first in about 10 attempts to hit that mark !!!
Hopefully it won't be my last.

As for other news, life in Chateau De Anderson has been fairly hectic, but light is at the end of the tunnel. My new painting area is nearly finished, as with the dreaded decorating I need to get done.
It's a shame you have to get things like this out of the way before some proper hobbying time can kick in.
I've hardly touched anything for a week, with the exception of testing some of the Army Painter products, which I will update on once I have enough to publish a good update.
Until soon...

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