Friday, 13 February 2015

Workstation Complete

This could well be an age old problem that many hobbyist has encountered. The scenario being that you spend an age creating your work to find that your wife is in a different room and you also feel out on limb to family life. This has been our solution.
The area started as an alcove to the side of the fireplace to which we decided to build the cupboard from that you see.

Now the good bit.Once you open the doors I have a drop down top that is supported on two legs that are also hinged for concealment. I pull up chair and away I go.
I need to install some shelving to help accommodate the mountain of equipment I seem to have. I don't actually have all my paints out !!! I think I have at least 20 old GW pots that are stored beneath the bench and my new Scale 75 paints are stored behind the light still in their boxes.

So now its painting ahead. I have already been trying the Army Painter products and will get a review done for next week.


  1. Brilliant idea , looks really well made.what is the light You are using?

  2. Brilliant idea , looks really well made.what is the light You are using?

  3. It's a triple tube Pro Task Lamp. A bit pricey at about £70 but it lights the whole area brillIiantly and has daylight bulbs so excellent for painting and photography.

  4. Ingenious idea, I am very jealous! But how is the leg space?

  5. Very good actually. Once I drop the workbench down I have roughly what you have at a dining table, thats what I took m measurements from. Obviously I can't stretch my legs out but I paint with my legs tucked under the chair anyway. All in all I am very comfortable, the bench is at table height and with everything at arms reach it is a dream to work at.
    Once Gokan is out the way I will be working on my other special piece.

  6. Ah ok, that is very good then! I just adore the mechanism and idea, it's really nice!
    Ok, I can't wait for pictures... Although Gokan is probably better suited for your skills.