Thursday, 22 January 2015

Gokan - Skin and Hair Finished

I am almost confident that the skin is finished. I may need to push a touch of dark blue into the deepest areas, but I will wait and see for the moment.

From the moment I saw this sculpt in the flesh I knew the hair had to be ginger. In reality it is not quiet as orange looking as the photo suggests. I think that now this in place you can see the framing of the face. It is giving height to the sinister look he portrays.


  1. Hi Mally, looking fantastic, what make of paint are you using on the flesh? and a few words on your technique would be great.

  2. Paul
    The paints are Scale 75 Unnatural Flesh. I'm using the other painting guide that came with the pack. It goes to show how diverse these 8 paints can be when the same set produced my EFGT Goblins. This guide uses the reds more.
    The technique is another question on a mini of this scale. I am finding that I am treating small areas at a time, you simply cannot go at a large area in one go. I found this on the back, I had first tried to glaze in fluid strokes but it just wasn't working, so I broke down to smaller areas still to get the coverage looking smooth.
    It is all about patience and another thing, less is more on this scale. You don't need bit highlights or shading to give some contrast, little subtleties seem to work nicely.

  3. amazing you can get the realistic flesh tones with that set. i will have to get some for sure. are you using the Vallejo retarder medium as part of your process?

  4. Vallego glaze medium 1paint 2 medium 1 water