Sunday, 7 December 2014

The End of Things

My latest diorama depicting an alternative end, where Mordor wins. This is the final over thrown with only Prince Imrahil, a standard bearer and one Fountain Guard remain.

 The tree was a twig I found and I went about sculpting the roots from Milliput. Using a few tiny roots to make up the top branches.
The water effects started as Woodland Scenics realistic water and the using a variant of Woodland Scenic Water Effects and some clear silicone sealant, the type you would use in a bathroom etc. I used a toothpick to tease out the splashes.
The claret on show was Games Workshop Blood for the Blood God mixed with a tip of black to darken it down and look more Orcish. I couldn't go too dark as the translation of a fresh kill may be lost if I had used pure black, as is Orc blood. I suppose my own artistic licence.

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy it.

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