Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Bag End - Scratch built

This was one of my biggest, yet rewarding moles I have made.
It was based on the John Howe design for Bag End, though sadly I had to leave out a couple of windows as it would have been too big.
 Each of the windows started life as a piece of card that was cut to shape and small pieces of balsa wood were added for the window frames. I found that a sieve served as excellent leaded lights.
Once painted, the decorations you see were things like flowers and lumps of cork to represent the stones.
The path was made up from milliput.
Two different types of grass were used, an 18mm long grass from Noch and a short version, ideal to represent a well tended lawn.
 The well was also sculpted from milliput and the straight parts of a paper clip were cut and glued together to create the winch. That was somewhat time consuming to get it right...
 My first hand made tree and one I was very pleased with, though if anything was a touch small in the end.
 My favourite window being the kitchen window complete with a drain, again sculpted from milliput.
 Frodo doing what bosses do, sat back in his vegetable patch. He was from the Captured by Gondor set. A little bit of cutting and filing removed the tree stump he was attached to.
 The iconic front gate. To give you the idea of scale it is 11mm across.
 No Bag End would be complete without it's own bird house.
And the overall view.

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