Saturday, 8 October 2016

End of Commission Service

I have finally come to the decision to end the majority of my commission work. As much as I have enjoyed doing it, the figures I've worked in and the great people I have met I have found there has been a downside.
I simply am not pushing my abilities.
That is in no way being rude to people but I want to push my display work to new levels.
To date I have had one fantastic course with Meg Maples and I have more lined up with Marc Masclans, Banshee and Raffa.
These people are incredibly talented and they will help me develop my skills.
I have a couple of jobs I am clearing up, that may take a month or so and then my next piece will be Glottkin.
This bad boy I intend to compete with at Salute 2017.
I have no more hopes than finishing and using it as a benchmark for future work - how will mine compare to others ?
But that is down the line, for now I thank everybody that has put the trust in me to complete work for them and I truly hope you were satisfied with the service I provided.
Here's to a steep learning curve.

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  1. A good call. I look forward to more display level work from you :)