Thursday, 23 July 2015

Glottkin - Part 9

The three additional sections have been completed and stuck in place.
The steel parts have been done using Scale 75 Metal n Alchemy steel set, a gorgeous range of paints. They have super fine pigments that do not separate when thinned, so fine you cannot see them.
I know I am an advocate for Scale 75 but these metals are the best I have ever used.

The copper was Warcolours Copper which I have tested for them prior to the launch in a couple of months. This is simply the most vivd copper I have ever seen, it is copper piping in a paint pot.

I have also included the first green ooze coming out of the eyes on two skeleton heads, there will be more of this on the rest of the figure.

Now these parts are done I will work on the rest of the horns to frame the head.

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  1. Great colour contrast Mally, these new metallics look excellent