Wednesday, 20 May 2015

EFGT - Kili and Fili

I have gone to town on the Scale 75 sets Leather and Wood, and Black and White to create the look for these two.
The leather being mainly used for Kili and I wanted a dark look for him.
What the photo doesn't show is the subtle changes in colour between his different garments, as to have him all black wasn't right for me and too easy.
Fili was done using more of the Black and White.
These are photographed side by side and not photoshopped or anything else like that, so you can tell how much darker Kili is.

I think it does show the versatility of these paints, they can be used to create many more effects and colours than the included guides offer.
Throwing paints together and seeing what comes out.
The photo was a quick late night one on my iPhone but it does give the idea of the glazing an gradients to some of the colours.

Still another 8 dwarves to do and I had a mental note to try and get these done by the end of the month. I can't see me hitting that but the more the merrier.
even a couple of weeks later would give me a fair shot at the base.
I have still got his throne to put together and paint, another dozen dwarves to contend with, the scribe and his rig and all to do by the end of July.

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