Saturday, 30 April 2016

Orc Army Commission

My largest number of figures for one job 
110 in total 
Here I present an Orc army completed to table top standard.

It's been a great job to do as I have learnt more abut painting in bulk to a level I have not done before. Finding little ways to speed up the work without dipping on quality.
I have to admit the airbrush was a god-send.
Another positive being my improved work with it, virtually all the work on the Wargs was airbrush.

In other news I have more exciting projects in the offering.
Four new sculpts from Wargamesculptor that are still in the making but already look incredible, a Mantic Games army, more work on Batman for the Eavier Metal challenge and more.

This year also sees me making strides to complete Glottkin I started last year. This, I intend to use for competition next year, Salute 2017 here I come.


  1. Wow. This is an incredible army. A lot of work on these. You measured the time? I wonder how long have you been working on it (actual time).
    I'm very curious to Glothkin.
    Cheers Borek

  2. Thanks Borek, it's nice to see you following my blog.
    I'm not sure on time to be honest, I have another full time job so this was done in odd hours here and there with a few big chunks to get through it.
    There are some photos of Glottkin on the blog if you have not seen them.

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    2. You're welcome:)
      Too bad, I wonder it. Sometimes I myself try to count the time, but I do it a lot at once, and I just mess from that in the end :D
      Yes Glotkin I saw, I watched the development of your work on it even on CMON (with Daniela) :). I look forward to the result of end-work.

      Cheers Borek