Sunday, 11 October 2015

1st Completed Commission

I have finally got something to show and give you an idea of the type of finish you can expect.
First up is Thrydan Wolfsbane.
I have done him to an ' Above Table Top ' standard.
A lovely sculpt to work on

And here we have a set of Beserkers completed to a ' Table Top Standard '

I am a little annoyed with myself as I photographed everything before packaging, to find that a few photos of the other came out rubbish, damn me for not checking properly.
They included a mounted Saruman and some more Uruks.
I should have taken more time on the photos as these are much better in real life.

More great things to follow and watch this space for something very big...


  1. Thrydan Wolfsbane is amazing, great job!

  2. Thanks Phil. Client wanted him in clothing similar to Saruman and a dark horse. He's happy, so I am.