Friday, 30 October 2015

Smaug Has Come

Within weeks of starting commission work I have landed this big brute and i can tell you I am excited to get this one going.
He will be done to Display Standard so I will be aiming for him to pop.
The client has done some green stuff work that needs some cleaning up, so with that and all the joining, sanding etc it will be a while before paint appears.
I want everything dry fitted as snug as possible before the glue comes out then I have something else for join filling.

Here is how he arrived and that little bloke in the middle is a 54mm figure, it gives the idea of scale.

Here is something new I am trying for doing filling, modelling paste.
You apply with a brush then go over with a wet brush to smooth.
I am already liking this, so much quicker to greenstuff and it sands down nicely. For only £5 for a big pot it should last an age, provided it doesn't dry out !

There will be plenty of updates along the line as I aim to get this finished as soon as I can, though I will be doing some other jobs in-between to stop me going a little Smaug crazy...

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  1. Hmm I use that paste for basing. Need to try it out for some gap filling :)