Thursday, 11 February 2016

A Growing Toy Shop

Now this one is a double edged sword. What you see here are the current personal projects I have to do. The collection has been growing of late !
This is perhaps the conflict of commission painting - I don't get to do my own stuff !!! 
Don't stop reading there
This is not a complaint, far far from it as I am immensely thankful for all the work I have been given. This is merely stating a fact. 
On the plus side it is the commission work that has paid for all what you see.
So what do you see ?

Glottkin - about 40% complete
Forgeworld - Giant
Forgeworld - The Great Unclean One
Nocturna - Lilith
Knight Models - Batman
Next Step Painting - The Infected (bust)
Beneito - Rourke's Drift
The Hobbit - Master of Laketown & Thranduil
Warhammer AoS - Chaos Khorne Bloodstoker

Including the bases (I have a few ideas I'm excited to try) you see easily a years solid work !
My other full time job prevents me working on these as my spare time is devoted to commission work (when the kids are in bed)
But you never know how things develop - I do only have 4 years before I sell up and move to France to live the Good Life. So if not before, they can wait for then.

I've a few commissions coming up, so watch for ;
A whole Gundabad army has landed that I can't wait to tackle
A various collection of over 130 figures on route from across the Atlantic.
Mounted Theodred display piece
Laketown Army
Mounted and foot Thranduil display pieces

Crikey, I'm nearly out of breath after that lot...

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