Thursday, 25 February 2016

Smaug Finished

Here we are then, finally the beast is finished.
I cannot even begin to estimate how many hours have gone into this, but its a few.
I have done some very quick iPhone photos but I will get some better ones done soon.
It has been taxing to do something this big but it has also been rewarding, working each section the way I did and then joining it all together to get the finished product.
You will note this is different to any other Smug you may have seen, I wanted this darker and thankfully the client allowed me some free reign to interpret this as I thought.

Bilbo was very probably the smallest figure I have worked on but I am delighted to have got the detail in.

Well thats the biggest job finished to date. 

Don't hesitate to get in touch if I can help you.


  1. That's gorgeous; lucky client!

  2. Great work Mally, the client is going to be well pleased!

  3. Looks really great. I like the contrast between the bony parts and the scales against his skin. Color transition on the skin of the wings from red to brownish-orange is very cool. Your client is one lucky collector :). Congrats for great work, and I look forward to the promised better pictures (it would need a darker background maybe)

  4. great work and a joy to follow the WIP :)