Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Berserker Update

Heres a brief update of where I am.
Still feeling my way around this figure, trying to get a look I am happy with and i think I am getting there.
I recently got a tip about saturated and desaturated colour and I have decided to use that here.
The idea is you use toned down colours and then put something bright in to make it pop and give appeal to the figure.
I am aiming for the axe head to provide the pop by working the NMM.
Unfortunately these photos are not telling the right story as they are over exposed, but I hope it goes you the idea.

I also intend to incorporate freehand into every figure I paint from this point forward. Here I have applied a couple of tattoos, one on the shoulder and one on the belly. Once again the photo has not shown these as they are.
I'm hoping for a good day tomorrow where I could finish the painting, just the leather, inner cloak and some tidying up to do.
There will also be some weathering on this battle hardened bloke.
The base I already have in preparation. I believe this will set the pose off very well but more on that later.


  1. Hey Molly, thank you so, so much for what you're doing! I am humbled by your words and impressed by the progress, thank you! I like the choice of colours and the quality of the painting is, as always, great! If I could just rework the anatomy, especially of the arms, and the folds of the trousers... ;-)

  2. Fantastic!!! The miniature is coming very nicely :)
    And congratulations to Bennett for such a wonderful sculpt!!