Monday, 23 March 2015

Space Marine

My first folly into this realm.
I was given four of these a while back and wanted to try them out as something different. I have seen so many of these in their varying forms that were ones I could not avoid.
The first thing that got me is that for a 28mm figure, they are quiet bulky, making them appear bigger than they are.
The next thing was the smoothness of the armour, very smooth.
This, I believe, will respond well to some steady glazing to extenuate the contrast. I also wanted to try red NMM armour. Simply to try what I have seen so many do with this figures.

As you can see above, I have done the helmet and I can give a cheer to say this photo is a lot closer reality for once although the helmet is a tint too orange to real life.
I am happy so far. As I thought the armour is responding well to glazing and the slow and steady building of layers.
My plan is to replicate the red NMM armour across the figure and things like the edging to the shoulder pads will be NMM gold.
I haven't decided on the gun yet and there is a jet pack to fit to the back.
The emblem of the chest and the shoulder motifs could end up white but I will see how I feel it goes.

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