Monday, 16 March 2015

Gokan Completed

I can finally say that Gokan is completed.
This has been a great figure to work on on many fronts, primarily for me I believe the 54mm size seems to suit me better than 28mm. It is my first 54mm so maybe I will need to do a few more before I am certain.
Back to Gokan and he really was a first in many areas, non LoTR, NMM steel - two types, NMM gold 2nd attempt, juweela bricks and pigments.

Please vote on CMON 


  1. Fantastic Mally!!
    The NMM's are just breathtaking... well, the whole miniature is...
    The vote is done :)

    Regards :)

  2. Voted for you mate, fantastic work, really well done.