Sunday, 29 March 2015

Space Marine Completed

Another piece for the finished area of my workstation.
I have found this quiet fun to paint. It is the first time I have done one of these, lets face it there are thousands out there, so I had to find out what I was missing.

The texture of the armour. being smooth, lends itself to glazing very nicely. This also gave me a great excuse to practise my NMM steel and gold some more. I feel like its starting to get there.

Furthermore, my first red NMM armour. I'm fairly pleased with the result but there are some things I would like to get better with.
This was my one cock up. I managed to scuff the paint off the white arrow design on the shoulder, I have no idea how, I just found the paint removed !
Try as I may to correct this it has not gone that well.

Overall though I am pleased.
I have also tried out a different method of photography. I do feel a bit happier with this.There is no base done as I have an idea. With four of these to paint I fancy doing a different colour for each, set them on a round plinth with them looking outwards. To their back will be a standard of some sort to depict a story of them defending this to the last.
But for now that will take a back burner, I am itching to start work on Glottkin and there may also be something to paint for The One Ring April challenge.


  1. Love the glow on heat exhausts! Just a few glazes of blue over your NMM steel?

  2. Thanks Zab, I wanted it to pop and pleased it does.