Tuesday, 16 June 2015

EFGT Base - Part 1

The base is either going to make or break this diorama. It needs to look right, obviously, but I like my bases to have some degree of authenticity. That is where I hope this thing will head.
So then, you have seen the first section and throne all painted up, well my plan is to a rope bridge running from that section.
A fight will be ensuing on the bridge and hopefully one or two goblins will be knocked off.
So to bring that to reality.
I need something to attach the other end of the bridge to so I will construct a stone section.
This must be secure as it cannot have any movement or the thing will fall apart, I also want it to last.
To start then I have used a piece of 10mm dowel I had spare and have put a screw into it from the underside to hold it tight.

Always looking to try new products I saw this from Gorilla Glue. As I use there super glue and know how excellent this is, I had to try this varient.
It states it is water activated and can be used on foam. As I'm using insulation foam it seemed perfect.
You have to wet one side of the surface and apply glue to the other and leave it to set.

And here is what I used it on. I drilled a hole in the foam and applied a glob of the glue.
At the edges, where the base meets the foam I did get some foaming as the surfaces reacted.
I was fearing a melt down but fortunately this wasn't the case.
When dried it was absolutely solid.
You can see I have roughly chopped out the surface to start the rock face look.

With that done I channelled out small area and inserted some planking I had cut up from the set. This will be where the top section of the bridge will be attached to.

 The throne will be set to the right as you look below and to allow me to have figures hanging from the bridge then this area would also need to be raised.
Using the same method of using pieces of dowel, 5mm on these parts, I have constructed another rock area.

While this was drying I attacked some more boarding and applied that to the rock column to show that this area does lead off somewhere.

Everything has been put to bed for the night to allow it all to thoroughly dry but the below photo was taken before I attached the second rock area.
It shows how each section will work together.

The only other thing I have done is attach some posts along the bridge and at the rock column side that will accommodate the rope.
That will be much later on.
The next phase will be coating and the foam and creating the rock texture.

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