Sunday, 21 June 2015

EFGT - Base Part 3 Painting Rocks

When it comes to painting rocks I saw many people just paint them black them give a couple a grey dry brushes, not bad for a quick look but I wanted a more realistic feel. So my method works through a variation of greys and browns to give that look.
Each colour is applied in dry brushes, heavy to start with, then becoming increasingly lighter.

So to start
I applied a heavy drybrush of Vallejo Dark Blue Grey over the black primer.

The next layer is the first coat of brown, in this case GW Desert Yellow.

Next up a coat of Vallejo Neutral Grey

Now some GW Graveyard Earth.
Already I am starting to vary the areas I cover to break up uniformity.

Vallejo Sky Grey.
Quite a light colour so this time a little more concentration for the edges and raised areas.

Army Painter Skeleton Brown, continuing the raise area approach with lighter drybrushes.

Now some Vallejo Dead White on the very highest points.
Now you can see the other colours starting to come through and the area just has that look of life to it.

Now I apply a green wash. I have chosen Vallejo German Field Grey. A lovely muted green with its grey tones helps set a nice dusky feel.

Once this has dried and went back over with the Vallejo Sky Grey

And to finish a final coat of Vallejo Dead White.

Two photos of the separate stone areas to show the overall look. The bottom photo is a little lighter than reality, but I feel it still gives the idea. The top photo is about right.

Thanks for looking and I hope it helps give you a different idea for your rocks.

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