Friday, 19 June 2015

EFGT Base - Part 2

You can see that I have added a second section to the wooden pathway, like I have previously stated, this lets you know that it leads somewhere.
There is a slight fall to the planks as I did not want it perfectly square, horizontal and even. It was put together by Goblins, who to my knowledge were never regarded for their architecture.

The next step was icing the cake. A good helping of polyfilla was used.

The below two photo's show that the surface was rough. Too rough for me.

To bring texture I used the following tools.
A piece of sponge from a blister pack
A sculpting tool
A toothbrush.
The first step is to use the sponge and toothbrush before the plaster coating dries

Here is a close up of what the surface begins to look like once you have sponged and toot brushed the surface.
It is smoother but has a dimpled finish that is very similar to the rock sections on the throne, therefore making them fit together. 

And here is how the tower section now looks

Finally the whole thing was primed ready for painting.

Next up I will be applying the paint.

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